mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

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What happens when a normal person finds a toilet along a street?

Most probably he wouldn't even notice it and for sure he wouldn't pick it up...and bring it home...BUT
that's what insane Apple addicted nerdz would do:

Here it is a Flickr pic gallery.
Clik here to download Hi-Res video.
Clik here to download the video encoded for the iPhone.

ps: is controlled by remote, it doesn't have a screen, we use a VNC connection
pps: Propz for Nemesiz & VexOne and their Fresh Kicks.

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9 commenti:

Luca ha detto...

Ma come Ubuntu, installateci OSX almeno!!
Comunque vi pubblico,

Kevin ha detto...

what the fuck does it do?
looks like nothing.

Izeee ha detto...

it's a computer....and does what every computer do....

Pedro Rougemont ha detto...

HAHAHA, it rocks!!
Great job!

guillaume ha detto...

Really funny, great job dudes !

Question : could you tell me more about the song in the video ? it's sounds like a song of "THE STREETS", am I right ? but which one ?

Izeee ha detto...

Thank you!!!
the song is of two friends of mine, Nemesiz & VexOne, more info at:


(yes, they are english as the streets :D )

guillaume ha detto...


Thank you !! I really like the music of your friends.
Good luck to them, and to you, fool of "insanely Nerd" :D lol


G. I. Poo ha detto...

Cool, I'd be able to post to my blog even faster with one of these!

Web Hosting India ha detto...

Hello friend..Its very fun and interesting.You have done a great job.Thanks.