mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

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What happens when a normal person finds a toilet along a street?

Most probably he wouldn't even notice it and for sure he wouldn't pick it up...and bring it home...BUT
that's what insane Apple addicted nerdz would do:

Here it is a Flickr pic gallery.
Clik here to download Hi-Res video.
Clik here to download the video encoded for the iPhone.

ps: is controlled by remote, it doesn't have a screen, we use a VNC connection
pps: Propz for Nemesiz & VexOne and their Fresh Kicks.

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If you are a nerd, you will know for sure that Maxtor HDs aint exactly what you'd call trusthworthy....

That's what happened with our poor(fuckin) Maxtor:

"That's how to vent your anger...when you find that your Maxtor completely your data"

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We are two students from Florence, we are proud to share with you some insane creations and episodes we came up with during our spare time.

Stay tuned for insane things!

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